Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bubblin' 2010, Groovology UKGarage Holiday Annual, 10th Anniversary of Bubblin', 11th for Groovology !

Bubblin' Groovology UKGarage Holiday Annual,
10th Anniv Bubblin, 11th for Groovology

Bubblin' 2010Groovology's UK Garage holiday Annual !

10th Anniversary ! (or is it 11th Anniversary lol ?? Most of the crew feels its the 10th, Mundo feels its the 11th, or maybe I (Mundo) have it wrong and its the 11th of Groovology and only the 10th of Bubblin' lol, who knows ! its been that long !)


...brought to you by the Groovology Kru
(Arthur, Mundo, Chrisko, Mark J, Tiny MC, Dappa MC, Lifted MC)
classic UK Garage, classic 2step, and earliest roots of dubstep,

all night from 10pm - 230 am.

We have a lot of classic songs to get through and 4 hours is never enough so get there early !
You know this !

back 2 back on the decks all night as it was every sunday back in the day: Mundo, Chrisko, and Mark J tagteaming on the decks with Tiny MC on the mic. (Dappa MC and Lifted MC not able to attend but respect to them !)

Also respect to the other deejays that spun at Groovology as guest deejays back in the day from the USA, Canada, and the UK, you know who you are !

AS EVERY YEAR, THIS IS A DRESS SHARP EVENT, SO BRING IT ! suits, shirt and tie for the guys, dresses for the ladies kru. You know how we do !

For the Dub Assembly heads: This event, Groovology is the event that spawned Dub Assembly. It ran every Sunday from 2000-2005 and Annually thereafter with a couple mid year shows too. Dubstep evolved out of UKGarage and 2step. Period. That is its historical roots. You won't hear any of the heavy wobble dubstep this night only the earliest roots tracks of dubstep from 2000-2003ish. But come out and experience the sound we all love, that spawned the sound you now love.

And a special shout out to the small select group of deejays spinning UKGarge/2step/and dubstep in North America back in year 2000. Helping spawn the scene as we have it today.

December 26
Free show !
Bubblin' 2010: Groovology's Holiday Annual of UKGarage, 2step, and earliest roots of dubstep ! at the Green Elephant
5627 Dyer Street
Dallas, Texas

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Dub Assembly release in online stores now: Mundo - "Kaleidoscope Rot" / "Analog Baby"

Dub Assembly Records release # DA025 Mundo – “Kaleidoscope Rot” / “Analog Baby”,
in online stores now.

Youtube Video for Mundo “Analog Baby”

Youtube Video for Mundo “Kaleidoscope Rot”

Available now at itunes, juno, beatport,, rhapsody, and more




Dub Assembly celebrates the 25th release on Dub Assembly Records with2 tracks of winter’s malice and solace. Kaleidoscope Rot is a swirlingarray of decay backed by stompy and glitchy rock drums. Analog Baby isa minimalist shuffling 4 on the floor garage-techno hybrid withsoulful jazz frosting oozing from the sides and dripping off the topthat can swing between dubstep, techno, or garage dj sets. 2 mixes ofAnalog Baby are present, one at 135 for the garage/techno/dubstepheads and one at 128 for the house heads.

DA025 label artwork:
Mundo promo photo:
Mundo bio / CV sheet -

Mundo (Jason Mundo)
Dub Assembly – Southside Dubstars UK – Fortified Audio UK – Blipswitch SF , twitter @dubassembly

upcoming performances:
Dec 17 – Mundo at Zubar (backroom 12:40-2) (UKGarage/2step)
Dec 26 – Mundo at Green Elephant, Groovology UKGarage Holiday Annual, Bubblin
Jan 8 – Dub Assembly at Trees (Dubstep)
Jan 29 – Dub Assembly at Trees (Dubstep)

Monday, November 22, 2010

DUB ASSEMBLY, FRIDAY DECEMBER 3, 2010: with DUB ASSEMBLY AND BASS SCIENCE, brought to you by DA and Banjos 2 Beats

Banjos to Beats and Dub Assembly present:
DUB ASSEMBLY !Friday December 3, 2010
at club Arnetic2826, 2826 Elm St, Dallas
with heavyweight performances by:

Also celebrating the upcoming release of Dub Assembly Records 025, Mundo "Kaleidoscope Rot / Analog Baby" released December 13 at itunes, Beatport, juno,, and more !$10 admission for ages 18 and up club Arnetic 28262826 Elm StreetDallas, Texas

Friday, September 17, 2010

next event, Dub Assembly October 8, 2010 at Trees ! another low cost all ages show! $5 over, $7 under

Dub Assembly Records release DA024: Aries3 - Dosed On Sound, plus Mundo remixes, at online stores now !

At online stores now !
Dub Assembly Records 024Aries3 - "Dosed On Sound" , with remixes by Mundo
For sale at the following stores and more now !

sample audio clips here:
Aries3 – Dosed On Sound – edited clip

Aries3 – Dosed On Sound – Mundo 140 bpm remix – edited clip

Aries3 – Dosed On Sound – Mundo 133 bpm remix – edited clip

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dub Assembly at the House of Blues, DAllas this Friday night Sept 10 alongside Big Red Rooster and Sore Losers !

Dub Assembly performing at the House of Blues ! This Friday September 10, 2010 alongside Big Red Rooster and Sore Losers !
$10 presale tickets are available from the crew or online at the House of Blues website !

Dub Assembly headlining Boom Bap Arena at Third Stone Sound Festival in St. Jo Texas this Saturday Sept 11 2010 !

Dub Assembly will be spinning midnight - 4 am and Headlining the Boom Bap arena this Saturday night at the Third Stone Sound Festival in St. Jo Texas !

Friday, July 30, 2010

Breakage, Dub Assembly, and Titan at Trees this Saturday Night, DAllas

Mundo, Royal Highnuss, and Jimmy B will spin from 10 - midnight !
Be there !
ages 18 up, 10 cover, at Trees, 2709 Elm St, Dallas TX

Dub Assembly Friday August 13, at Green Elephant with NOAH D (Portland) !

Dub Assembly , Friday August 13, 2010 with Noah D (Portland OR) !
Noah D - Portland OR - Argon Recs
Mundo - Southside Dubstars UK, Fortified Audio UK, Blipswitch SF, Dub Assembly
Royal Highnuss - Dub Assembly, Suspect, Version
Jimmy B - Dub Assembly, TrashcanPunch, RubADub, Suspect, Version
LDFD - Dub Assembly, Suspect, Version, Broken Teeth
Aries3 - Dub Assembly
at the Green Elephant
5627 Dyer St, DAllas Texas
ages 18 up admitted
$12 for ages 21 up
$15 for ages 18 up
$2.75 you call its before 11pm
drink specials all night
Free parking along Dyer St.

Dub Assembly at the legendary Granada Theater, DA-llas Texas ! Saturday August 21 !

DUB ASSEMBLY lands at the legendary GRANADA THEATER, DA-llas Texas !
Come out and make our Granada Debut a Success !
Special $5 show ages 18 and up !
Mundo - Southside Dubstars UK, Fortified Audio UK, Blipswitch SF, Dub Assembly
Royal Highnuss - Dub Assembly, Suspect, Version
Jimmy B - Dub Assembly - RubADub, TrashcanPunch, Suspect, Version
LDFD - Dub Assembly, Broken Teeth, Suspect, Version
Aries3 - Dub Assembly

Mundo and Royal Highnuss in Cincinnati Ohio, July 17 !

Big up and Thanks to Kaiten and the Royal Dubs crew of Cincinnati Ohio for hosting Mundo and Royal Highnuss of Dub Assembly at their wicked show, Pressure, at the Mad Frog on July 17 !
Cincinnati Crew ya large !
Big up !

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New live mixes by Mundo for Download !

2 New live killa mixes by Mundo for Download:
MUNDO LIVE AT Dub Assembly April 3 - 2010
enjoy !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dub Assembly, Friday June 11, 2010, DA-llas, TX w/ Headhunter (Tempa, Bristol UK), and Chris Widman (Abstract Science - Chicago)

Dub Assembly
DAllas' Original Dubstep event


at the Green Elephant, DA-llas
5627 Dyer Street


Headhunter - (Tempa, Bristol UK)

Chris Widman - (Abstract Science - Chicago,

Mundo - (Southside Dubstars UK, Dub Assembly TX, Blipswitch SF)

Royal Highnuss - (Dub Assembly)

$12 for ages 21 up$15 for ages 18-20

$2.75 U Call its before 11pm

cheap strong drinks as always and drink specials all night !

Free parking along Dyer Street !

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art of the Black Sheep Bar, Miami FL, circa spring 2009

Artwork from inside the former Black Sheep Bar in Miami Florida, pics from March of 2009 during the WMC. The Black Sheep Bar was a home to underground music in Miami, particularly Drum n Bass and Dubstep.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Live mix download: Timid (BassGoesBoom, Chicago) Live at Dub Assembly from March 5, 2010

Apparently a lot of people waste everyone's time complaining back and forth about too much wobble in dubstep or not enough variety being played or whatever nonsense. Here is a great example of a dj throwing down a variety of great tunes in a variety of styles. Ignore the haters and enjoy this wicked mix.
dj Timid - (BassGoesBoom, Chicago) , Live at Dub Assembly, DA-llas Texas, March 5, 2010

Mundo at Dubwise, Boston Massachusetts, Sunday May 2, 2010

Mundo returns to Boston to rock the Enormous Room at Dubwise , Sunday May 2, 2010

Rusko and team Dub Assembly at Trees, April 30, 2010 DA-llas Texas

Rusko and team Dub Assembly (Mundo and Royal Highnuss) at Trees, this Friday April 30, 2010. a huge show , check it !

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mundo "Menace" a part of the newly released "Southside Dubstars Greatest Hits Vol 1" 2xCD and digital release

Mundo of Dub Assembly's track "Menace" is a part of the massive Southside Dubstars Greatest Hits Vol 1 2xCD and digital release (CD 1, track 2). In addition to Mundo, this compilation also has tracks from such wicked producers as Wiley, Skream, Hatcha, Benga, N-Type, Cyrus, Plastician, and more. Southside has been a leading underground label in London England for a Decade run by J.J. Louis.
This 2xCD compilation and digital download is available for sale now at the following stores and more:
Juno Download
and more

Thursday, March 18, 2010

free mix download: Royal Highnuss, Live at Dub Assembly, Jan 15, 2010

Here's a sick free mix for ya from Dub Assembly's Royal Highnuss.

Royal Highnuss, Live at Dub Assembly, January 15, 2010
download here:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dub Assembly's Mundo and Lifted MC spinning at Spring Boom in Nashville Tennessee on March 20, 2010

live mix download: Mundo, Live at Dub Assembly, January 15, 2010, DA-llas Texas

Happy Tuesday to you.
Live mix download: Mundo, live at Dub Assembly, January 15, 2010, DA-llas Texas:

Download link below:

Mundo - "All Massive" (unreleased)
Mundo - "We Kill You"
Mundo - "Still Stand Rasta Remix"
Mundo - "Woggle" (unreleased)
Mundo - "Fishing with Robots" (unreleased)
Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek (Mundo remix)" (unreleased)
Dose 1 - "Dosed on Sound" (forthcoming Dub Assembly)
Mundo - "Souljah"
Mundo - "My Sound"
Craig David - "Re-Rewind (Mundo remix)" (unreleased)
Mundo - "Chip Tune"
Jaheim - "Just In Case (Mundo remix)" (unreleased)
Mundo - "Funky Sonar" (unreleased)
Dawn Penn - "No No No (Mundo remix)" (unreleased)
War in a Babylon (Mundo remix) (unreleased)
Bob Marley - "Trenchtown Rock (Mundo remix) - (unreleased)
Mundo - "6 Million Ways to Die" (unreleased)

Friday, January 15, 2010

essential STATESIDE STEPPAS dubstep compilation

press release:
out now on Juno Download,
out at itunes, amazon, rhapsody, beatport, and more next week !

UPC: 881034455734
Release date: 1/26/2010
Label: Space Audio
Pricing- 4.99 pounds, 7.99 US

Space Audio is proud to present to you “Stateside Steppas,” a full on 30 track compilation with America and Canada’s top dubstep and basswize artists and labels exclusively being featured.

Over the past several years, dubstep has taken a hold of the electronic, hip hop, reggae, and indie music scene with its unrelenting bass, spatious electronic landscapes, and natural evolution of the dub and bass style. Rising from the underground to finding its way into the remix packs of any major artist, this compilation goes through the variety of dubstep and bass music styles that have emerged over the past 5 years.

1. Bassnectar feat. Double You - I am a Laser ( Om Records)
2. Sub Swara+ Ill Gates - Hi Fidelity Remix ( Low Motion)
3. OSC- Zion ( Bassism Records)
4. Mundo - I Stand Rasta( Dub Assembly)
5. Freeland- Do You ( Joker Remix)
6 .J. Rogers+ Roomate- Insomnia( roomate remix) ( blipswitch)
7. Eskmo- San Francisco ( the Rhythm) ( Ancestor)
8. DZ - Back The Funk
9. Antiserum and Dubsworth - Ugly Mon( Dubs Alive)
10. Roomate and Earlyworm- Dub King Killah(Voltage Music)
11. Dave Sharma- Skank Ethics (Low Motion)
12. EPROM- 64 bytes remix(Addictech)
13. Pantyraid- Enter the Machine ( Marine Parade)
14. Shockman and Dub I.D. - Kalimba Dub ( Voltage Music)
15. Freeland - Do You ( High Ranking Remix) (Marine Parade)
16. Bakir and Dubsworth - Gatekeepers( Dubs Alive)
17. Kush Arora ft. Spit Brothers and Maneesh the Twister - We're Upstairs(RecordLabelRecords)
18. OSC- Bless Up ( Bassism Records)
19. Ribotto- Stubby Thumper (Ribotton Productions)
20. Mundo- Down in the South( Dub Assembly)
21. Nuphlo- Cassiopeia( high Chai recordings)
22. Dj G and J. Rogers- We are The Glitch Remix( Blipswitch)
23. Nate Mars - Higher In Babylon ( Blipswitch)
24. Scorn - In the Margins ( recordLabelRecords)
25. Eskmo- Hypercolor(Ancestor)
26. Sub Swara- Constructing The Absense( Low Motion)
27. DZ- Jah Earth ( Dubs Alive)
28.The Flying Skulls- Electric Drill Dub (Lowpro Lounge Recordings)
29. DLX- Cool Blue ( Dubs Alive)
30.Blackheart - Dum Dumz ( HD4000 Remix)

Dub Assembly TONIGHT ! w/ Tes la Rok (Finland) !

DUB ASSEMBLY, DAllas' Original Dubstep event, Tonight at the Green Elephant !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free mix download: Kaiten (Royal Dubs - Cincinnati) live at Dub Assembly, Dallas Texas December 12, 2009

Another free download for you all.
Kaiten (Royal Dubs - Cincinnati) live dj set from Dub Assembly, Dallas Texas. December 12, 2009. Enjoy !

click below for the mix:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dub Assembly 023 out now at itunes, and more: Mundo "Dead Bloodklat remix" / "Put Em Up"

Above is the new video for Mundo-"Put Em Up" which is on Dub Assembly 023. song by Mundo, video by the mighty Robin T.

Dub Assembly 023: Mundo “Dead Bloodklat remix” / “Put Em Up” – links to audio at the store sites below:

Itunes link:

Beatport link: link:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tomb December dubstep mix download !

Another sick dubstep mix from DFW's Tomb ! Check It
Intro_Sean Paul (edit)
Rob Sparx _the funk (synkro rmx)
Headhunter_In Motion
F and Headhunter_Dedale
Bashful_ BangaTang
Indi Kaur_Drift(Grievous Angel Rmx)
Starkey_OK Luv (instrumental)
Joker_City Hopper
Dj Madd_Reasonz
ClubRoot_Low Pressure Zone
F8_Take Chance
Gappy Ranks Vs Mr Curtamos_Tomb Mashup
Flux For Life_Mimosa
Syndaesia_firecracker x Playa For Life_Master P ft Rappin 4 Tay_Tomb Edit
Agent 2.5_Tek-One remix
BadBwoy BMC_Its Goin Down FOES_16bit fuck hoes remix
Dread Foxx & BMC_Dready or Not
Stagga_Sick as Sin (Ultra VIP)
Joker_Output 1-2
Dj Madd_Better With You
Imogen Heap_Hide and Seek_Autopilot Remix

Dub Assembly in less than 1 week ! This Friday ! w/ Tes la Rok (Finland) of Round the World Girls fame

This coming Friday night , January 15 !

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Royal Highnuss and Tomb, Winter Mix download

A sick dubstep mix from Royal Highnuss (Dub Assembly) and Tomb. Deep grooves for your ride...
1. Doors of Perception - Data feat. Cell
2. Narita - 2562
3. You Say - Headhunter
4. Duke St Dub - Sully
5. Everyday - Synkro
6. Artificial Dreamer - Subscape
7. Protecting Hands Part 2 - Clouds
8. Township Funk (Skream Remix) - Mujava
9. Supligen - Gemmy
10. Flash Back - Sully
11. Warrior's Dance (Benga Remix) - The Prodigy
12. Chromed Out (Charlie P Remix) - Hot Laundry
13. Planet X - Silkie
14. Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
15. Spin Spin Sugar (Enigma & Shorterz Remix) - Sneaker Pimp
16. Say It (Nero Remix) - Booty Luv
17. Rock Tha Bells - Jakes
18. Ghosts 'n' Stuff feat. Rob Swire (Nero Remix) - Deadmau5

Boka Dubstep Blog

check out the Boka Dubstep blog for audio mixes and videos. A sneak peak at our upcoming Dub Assembly show with 16Bit of Boka on February 5....