Friday, July 30, 2010

Dub Assembly Friday August 13, at Green Elephant with NOAH D (Portland) !

Dub Assembly , Friday August 13, 2010 with Noah D (Portland OR) !
Noah D - Portland OR - Argon Recs
Mundo - Southside Dubstars UK, Fortified Audio UK, Blipswitch SF, Dub Assembly
Royal Highnuss - Dub Assembly, Suspect, Version
Jimmy B - Dub Assembly, TrashcanPunch, RubADub, Suspect, Version
LDFD - Dub Assembly, Suspect, Version, Broken Teeth
Aries3 - Dub Assembly
at the Green Elephant
5627 Dyer St, DAllas Texas
ages 18 up admitted
$12 for ages 21 up
$15 for ages 18 up
$2.75 you call its before 11pm
drink specials all night
Free parking along Dyer St.

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